Reef Stew is a specialized diet contained in high quality water invented to feed clownfish fry from hatching until they are large enough to take commercially prepared foods. Making sure that his clownfish are provided a balanced diet high in nutrients is one way that Reef Stew & More ensures healthy animals.

Other Uses

Of course Reef Stew’s application isn’t limited to just Clownfish fry, or even to fish fry in general. It’s an amazing solution for feeding adult fish too, especially picky eaters, and for corals which are proved to grow healthier when their diet includes nutrients in addition to those created by photosynthesis. Reef Stew also feeds clams and other filter feeders.

As well as these applications Reef Stew can also be used to “seed” a new aquarium with copepods and other beneficial elements. Some aquarists swear buy it as a means to combat “old tank syndrome” and continue to periodically introduce Reef Stew into their tanks and sumps every few months to introduce genetic diversity into their pod population insuring a healthy stock within that micro-ecosystem.

What’s in it?

The algae in Reef Stew consists of nannochloropsis, tetraselmis, isochrysis, and pavlova algae.  The zooplankton is a combination of rotifers, two different types of newly hatched decapsulated brine shrimp, medium sized grown out brine shrimp, and copepods. Reef Stew will last in a room temperature enviroment with aeration for up to four days.  To keep it longer it will need to be enriched with Phyto.